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In the past few years, the live-music-sector has evolved to be the main source of income for many musicians.

The connection between a musician and his fans during a concert can be a very pure and satisfying experience. We at NOYS VR believe that the creativity shared by millions of music-artists every day improves our quality of life fundamentally.

Musicians work hard on their art and they deserve a lot more appreciation for what they do. In the following you will find a description of how our product will target
these problems by giving musicians the opportunity express their
creativity while opening a universe of imagination to their fans.

We tried to summarize all information we believe you need. If we missed something, please feel free to contact us for follow-up interviews or questions.

Company description

NOYS VR is a company based in Hamburg, Germany.

The basic concept for the company was developed in 2014, when the founders Fabio Buccheri and Fatih Inan first came in touch with the impressive technology of virtual reality.

After a flash of inspiration Fabio and Fatih started chasing their dream of combining this technology to their passion: live music.

With the ambitioned motion designer and co-founder Jörg Kahlhöfer on board, NOYS VR is working hard on bringing their vision to reality.

The growing team works closely together with a number of local and international artists, labels and partners who function as experts and pioneers during the concept phase of concert creations.

Product description

NOYS VR will be a platform for musicians to perform live in virtual worlds. An app will allow fans to join these live concerts with a VR headset from their home. They can also communicate with each other and interact with the musician.

The main goal is to equip artists with a sophisticated toolset and help them to promote themselves while also encouraging users to enjoy interactive music experiences.

In Q2 2017 a closed beta version of the app will launch via the Oculus Store and latervia the Steam store. Using recorded live concerts from partnering artists and music labels the demo will demonstrate the potential of the platform while showing high quality content.

A sample news story

The VR company NOYS VR is about to release an app for concerts in virtual environments.
The app sets three dimensional (3D) music artists onto their fantasy stages.

Music listeners can explore these interactively music experiences and receive a first impression of what the platform is going to be about in the future: Interactive live concerts in fantastic concert spaces.

The app will be available in a closed beta in the next few weeks.

You can register for the closed beta phase on

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