Accelerate FASTER

In September we jumped into the Music WorX Accelerator, a local but very unique program in Europe run by Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft for which we applied casually, but which turned out to be very useful for us. In a nutshell Music WorX promotes 3 innovative music startups in the Hamburg area a year – and we were one of this batch.

Awesome storytelling workshops, pitches on the Reeperbahn Festival and LaborX, meetings with companies like Warner Music or Finetunes and a workspace at the beautiful Mindspace in Hamburg brought us closer to the other two teams in the batch (Flits Music, Audidevel). In the end there was a final Pitch-Event at Edel where we had to compete against the other two teams and three other teams from all over Germany.

We’re very proud of having been chosen as the winners of this competition against these very strong and innovative teams of the music/tech industry. The jury was composed by a very prestigious bunge of people like Detlef Schwarte (Reeperbahnfestival), Daniel Federauer (Sony Innovation Board), Bernd Hocke (Edel AG) or Christina Hinderer (Steinberg). 

Fatih Inan (25) is CO-Founder of NOYS-VR MUSIC and, as a professional designer and programmer, is its main developer. His work focuses on the interaction of humans and software. Before NOYS, Fatih worked as a freelancer for eigth years and has been starting to work on virtual reality projects three years ago.
January 6, 2017
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