Recording Session with TOM KLOSE

Wow, what a week! We had an awesome time together with the fantastic artist Tom Klose. 

If you did not have the pleasure to come across Tom so far, here is a short introductions to him according to his own website (

"Tom Klose is a young singer-songwriter hailing from Hamburg, Germany in the prime of life, out to take on the world of self-made hands-on indie music. The distinctive voice matched with rhythmic rough guitars is what characterizes his sound. His songs move in between intimate folk ballads and powerful rock tunes but pass by the singer-songwriter danger zone between lyrical dismay and loop station excess. The 27-year-old tells autobiographical stories that are painfully honest and serves his heart on a silver plate. Along with the classic band formation (guitar, bass, drums) he takes on stages all over Europe and takes his listeners on an emotional journey from soothing melancholy all the way to exuberant euphoria."

Besides being one of the main actors in our teaser, Tom is the first artist you will find in our app. While playing his three songs "Welcome Home", "Simple" and "Found Myself in You" Tom showed what caliber of an artist he is. With humorous punchlines he did not only get into the hearts of everybody being part of the whole thing in our studio (thanks everybody for being there!) but also managed to get a perfect transition onto his fantasy stage. 

Stay tuned!

Fabio Buccheri (26) is CO-Founder of NOYS – VR MUSIC and is responsible for business development and music content. He studied music management in Stuttgart, Sydney and Hamburg. Fabio has worked as a producer, artist manager and sound designer for the past four years. The focus of his work lies on the effects of live music performances in virtual environments.
January 6, 2017
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