Hey guys

we were at this years CEBIT Hanover and it was awesome. 

Even if the number of visitors in general was less than the year before we were very lucky to have our booth organized by the amazing team from VR BASE. We were able to gather new beta testers and prepare for the SVVR which will start this Wednesday. 

Besides being able to meet other great VR startups with whom we shared not only our booth but also an airbnb flat (it was a mess :D) we presented our project to a lot of visitors, investors and other vr experts. All in all it was a very hart but satisfying week for us. After being landed in San Jose only yesterday we're preparing everything for the SVVR. Feel free to visit our booth if you're around. We will keep you updated.


Fabio Buccheri (26) is CO-Founder of NOYS – VR MUSIC and is responsible for business development and music content. He studied music management in Stuttgart, Sydney and Hamburg. Fabio has worked as a producer, artist manager and sound designer for the past four years. The focus of his work lies on the effects of live music performances in virtual environments.
January 6, 2017
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